Jack Grant

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Jack Grant
The Infinitude Of The Sentient Singularity

Future Ghost
A young lady looking for inspiration on a
                  Scottish moor finds instead a gothic nightmare. Her only                  chance of salvation lies beyond the mortal realm.

Speedin’ Bullet
In a dystopian future, a man driven by
                  revenge attempts to survive a deadly tournament that will push                  him to his absolute physical limits.

Screamin’ Skull
Two American siblings get caught in a music
                  festival massacre and face all their darkest fears.

A ghost hunting team investigating an old manor house find
                  themselves caught in the nefarious plans of the deceased.

Try it out! Read a taster for sample of
The Infinitude of the Sentient Singularity:Screamin' Skull Trilogy

The Infinitude of the Sentient Singularity


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Video: 'The Old Lady of the Woodland'

Video: 'Screamin' Skull'
[Rock Metal]

Video: 'Shadow Of The Worm'
[Creepypasta/metal] To read lyrics click >>here<<

Video: 'Megahex'
[Rock Metal]

The Infinitude of the Sentient Singularity

Megahex/Stars Single by Quantafide out NOW

Contains 'Megahex' single and a remastered version of 'Stars'
Link for music stores : https://ditto.fm/megahex

Quantafide's website: quantafide.com.

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